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At Garage Door Repair Miami Beach we specialize in opener services the community can depend on.  Our company in Miami Beach provides repair, replacement and installation services that far exceed the expectations of our customers.  In addition we offer brand name products that have become household legends over the years like:Garage Door Opener

  •     Sears opener
  •     Craftsman opener
  •     Genie opener
  •     Liftmaster opener
  •     Chamberlain opener
  •     Marantec opener

If you are still trying to get the most out of your old opener our techs can provide opener troubleshooting to see if any problems are lurking in the shadows.  An opener can be purchased with one of three drive motors.  The Belt drive will be very quiet, the chain drive very noisy and the screw drive rest comfortably in between.  Your budget may determine which one you want to choose.  When you decide make sure you allow one of our pros to deliver and install your new door opener.

Garage door springs rank high on our list of dangerous services that should always be administered by a professional.  We offer excellent broken spring repair/replacement services because we don’t want our customers going DIY on us and getting hurt on one of these springs that are wound so tight that a sudden release could result in injury or death.  The torsion spring is located on both sides of center on your door.  The extension spring is mounted on each far side of the door.  Both springs are dangerous and both very vital to a door operation.  The torsion is used for heavy doors and the extension for light. 

Regular springs should last a decade or so depending on how well they are maintained.

However, you can get these in galvanized door springs that are bonded to 3600 psi by combining iron and zinc.  These springs can last a lifetime.  Remember; use one of our professionals for this service.

More garage door owners should adhere to garage door maintenance and adjustments for their garages.  Our regularly scheduled lubrication service is outstanding and is designed to cover every inch of your garage door system.  It only takes one bad apple to ruin the entire basket.  Let one of our professionals provide preventative maintenance for your door.

Garage door replacement and installation services are in high demand these days.  It seems like everyone in Miami Beach is trying to beef up their curb appeal with a new door or door windows.  We make it easy for our customers by providing an overwhelming variety of garage door designs and styles.  Our garage door company in Miami Beach also provides a variety of materials for the customer to choose from as well like wood garage doors, aluminum garage doors, steel garage doors, and glass garage doors.  These doors are heavy and should not be a DIY project.  The best thing to do is contact our company/contractor in Miami Beach and let our techs do their thing.

Garage door repairs will always be at the heart of Garage Door Repair Miami Beach. We offer an emergency garage door service because we want only the best for our customers.  We don’t mind coming out when the door off track or to fix that broken emergency release.  That is what we do.  We are eager to replace section of door or install a weather strip and bottom rubber.  We want to exceed your expectation on garage door repair and if you call one of our professionals you will get the professional service you deserve.

Garage door cables & tracks can send chills up your spine if you are not careful.  If you want your door to operate you cannot afford a broken cable or even a cable loose.  If the cable came off the drum your door is at a stand still and if you need us to repair bent track chances are your door is off track or close to it.  It is imperative that you let a professional administer cable & tracksservices for you.

Last but not least we offer a good garage door remote service as well.  We have the best brand names in the industry like Genie Intellicode in Miami Beach, Liftmaster Security Plus in Miami Beach, Clicker in Miami Beach, and Multi Code.  If you call one of our garage door pros they will repair, replace or install a great garage door remote service for you.  The Genie as well as the Liftmaster remotes uses rolling code technology.  Every time you push the button on your remote the code rolls over so that a crook can not copy it for a later date.

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