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Who doesn't like getting tips? Read the best ones below and learn more about different garage door issues

Safety is subject to a number of things

Garage door safety is subject to the frequency and quality of maintenance. The safety of your kids is also subject to your decisions. Place the wall control at least five feet over the floor. Make sure the sensors work fine and the remote controls are hidden. Don't stand under the door and fix damaged springs immediately.

Wind load doors must be strong

Wind load garage doors must be tested for resilience in strong impact and wind pressure. They must withstand wind velocity and comply with the regional building codes. The panel must be made of strong materials and the door must be reinforced with bars and by low gauge tracks, which are supported by multiple brackets.

Tighten up the hardware

Your garage door goes up and down hundreds if not thousands of times each year. Each time it opens and closes, it causes movement and vibration which tends to loosen the hardware over time. Look over all the exposed parts of your door and check for loosened roller brackets and bolts and use a proper socket wrench to keep them tight.

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